About Us

We at The Big Orange Food Truck believe our values are fundamental values we can all appreciate.

1) It’s the ExperienceThe single most crucial part of The Big Orange Food Truck is its experience.  We know you have lots of options and are glad you choose us, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure we make you feel appreciated.

2) It's not just localIt’s confidence in knowing we are doing everything we can to make food fun.

3) Be YourselfTattoos, piercings, quirky laugh and all! It’s what makes you special and interesting. 

4) Embrace the Power of being greatSelfless acts of kindness make someone’s moment/day/week and is the start of being GREAT! This defines you, you define us.

5) Have Fun: Be ridiculous, dance, sing when people are looking and give compliments.

6) Always be GrowingYou are either Growing or Dying and the choice is all yours.

7) Honesty has no price tagActions are much louder than words, so be honest to yourself.

8) Make a DifferenceHave an opinion, a point of view. Have the courage to stand up and make a difference.

9) Being Awesome is SexyBe a great person. Care about people. You’re only as sexy on the outside as you are on the inside.

10) We are Family:The Big Orange Truck was started by our family. You are now part of our family.